Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breakfast in Paris

Having a croissant in the lobby of the small economy hotel were I stayed last night. Feeling quite pleased with myself for finding this bargain, clean, safe and inexpensive, only steps away from the bed and breakfast where our workshop group will be staying this week and where I will be moving to later today. 
The room was small and the bathroom even smaller, no bigger than 2 phone booths put together but perfectly adequate for my jet-lagged purposes. The mattress was comfortable and I slept deeply all night, dreaming of the Parisienne delights I expect to encounter over the next several days. 
Today's agenda is the big flea market in the morning followed by a visit to the Pere Lachaise cemetery this afternoon with a couple of my fellow workshop attendees. Tonight, the group gathers for our first outing, the content of which has not yet been revealed. We have been told only that we are to be sober and wearing flat shoes! Based on that advice, it seems dancing the Can Can at the Moulin Rouge will have to wait for another night! But who knows?!

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