Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family Picnic 2014

My sister, my mom and I hosted our annual family picnic at our cottage this past weekend.  It's our turn every four years but I'm always surprised at how quickly the time passes in between.  It's most obvious when you see the little ones, realizing how much they've grown or that some of them weren't even there the last time around!
It was a bit sad to see some of the young'uns absorbed with their iPods (thankfully, they're still too young for cell phones) now and again
but at the same time, it was also super cute and kind of funny to see this little girl using her glittered up compact as if it was a camera!
There was no shortage of rough and tumble activity though.
Getting the camera set up for the group photo required some multi-generational consultation
while getting everyone lined up and in place was a bit more of a challenge!
It was a cloudy day for the most part but luckily, there was no rain and the kids spent lots of time in the water regardless.
Watching the geese float past provided a bit of excitement as well!
We set up tables on the lawn for dinner and enjoyed the potluck offerings everyone had brought.
We did have quite a heavy rain overnight but nevertheless, there was a red squirrel happily finding dropped potato chips and Cheesies in the grass the next morning!
Always wonderful to have a chance to get together with family every summer and enjoy each other's company.

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