Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Favourite Artists

I was back at Bizzy B last night, this time for our monthly Journal Junkies gathering.  This month's theme was "favourite artist". I had a little trouble narrowing down my list - it was hard to pick just one and there were so many genres to chose from (music, art, fashion, architecture, to name just a few!).  In the end, I decided to make a journal page featuring several of my favourite art journalers, using photos from their blogs or Facebook pages:

Top row, left to right:
Tracy Moore
Lisa Cheney
Judy Wise and Judy Wilkenfeld
Stephanie Lee

Bottom row, left to right:
Mary Ann Moss
Jane Davenport
Teesha Moore
Nathalie Kalbach

This grouping includes some of my very favourite people, who are also artists!  I have met most of them in person and had a chance to take classes with them as well as spend personal time getting to know the person behind the artist.  I love them all dearly and am proud to call them friends.  There are only two I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting:  Mary Ann Moss and Judy Wilkenfeld - hopefully some day that will happen!

My page was inspired by one of the rooms I visited recently at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  While I was there, I used my phone to sneak a picture of the wall that inspired me:

I didn't have any raspberry/rose pink paint for the background so I used one called paprika instead. I really loved how it turned out.  I printed the frames on cardstock and cut each one out painstakingly by hand.  Did you notice my lettering on the top left hand side is a little wonky?  I was stamping the letters from right to left, so they would be balanced out from the middle - clearly I need a little more practice working backwards like that!

Sadly, my pages were not big enough to include photos all of my favourites, so don't feel bad if you don't see yourself on these pages.  ;)

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