Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It Snowed Today

Why yes, as a matter of fact, we did get some more snow today.  The morning commute was a little sloppy for me and something a lot of people chose to avoid today, with good reason.  It snowed for several hours which, combined with a strong wind, made for some interesting snow drifts.  Like this one which is visible out my office window:
The picture below was taken a mere 45 minutes later. Already you can see how much it has been further sculpted by the winds swirling around.
Here's how my car looked at the end of the day.  Luckily, it was very light snow, easily removed. Considering that I haven't had to use my snow brush more than 3 times all of this winter so far, I didn't mind.
How about those snowbanks in front of my car?!  They're getting awfully high!!

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