Sunday, February 16, 2014


Don't worry, I didn't know what it meant either.  I'm still not sure I know how to pronounce it, but it sounds a lot like "art fig newton".  It's a made up German word that means "the pleasure of art", according to Nathalie Kalbach and it's the name of the class she taught last Saturday at Bizzy B.
The class was described like this :  "It starts the moment you sit down, an experience that is distinctly Art Journaling. A quick exhilaration, a sense of control, the art media’s surprising responsiveness as if they were simply an extension of you.  There is a word for this creative experience: Artvergnugen ! Artvergnugen is what makes your journal a piece of art.  Join Nathalie and play with different art media and supplies. Learn techniques, tips and tricks to take your art journaling further and turn it into Artvergnugen."
We laughed a lot, it was a fun day!
We spent the day learning various techniques from Natalie and working on pages in our journal.  Here's a peek at a couple of the pages I made, none of which are actually finished yet:
As a special treat, Marilyn brought in her puppies to visit us, they are the cutest little things!
One of my classmates, Marg, came all the way from Paradise, Newfoundland to take all three of the weekend's classes with Nathalie - she posted some pictures of the class on her blog. 

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