Monday, December 17, 2012

The Great Hall

The Great Hall on Queen Street West in Toronto, where my friend Lorraine and I attended the Junction Flea market yesterday, is described as a "multi-usage space" on its website.  It was built in 1889 and I find its architecture to be quite striking, both inside and out. 

I took this picture of the outside back in March of this year, long before I knew what the interior looked like:

Inside, there are four floors, two of which were used for the Flea.  The main floor has a small stage, on which I was standing when I took this shot last month:

The wall beside the stairs leading up to the stage is adorned with this fabulous wallpaper:

Here's the view looking down from the balcony upstairs:

I love the old windows on the 2nd level:

I especially liked this picture I took looking out one of those multi-paned windows:

There is a grand staircase:

and upstairs, funky light fixtures.

Everything is a little bit on the slightly worn and shabby side but as they say in the architectural world, the place has great bones! 

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