Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Postcard Reveal

Several of my postcard recipients have received their cards already so it's probably safe to reveal my finished design now.  (I didn't want to show it too soon and spoil the surprise for them!)

Here's the sneak peek photo I posted at the beginning, which shows the postcard template provided by the swap organizer, Hanna.

I covered the front/blank side of the card with vintage music paper and then painted it with blue and green acrylic paint (blue for sky, green for grass).  Once I had decided on "believe in yourself" as my message for the empowerment theme of the swap, I thought of using a pennant design as if it was a clothesline hanging in a summer breeze.  I scraped on a bit of pink paint for contrast as well.

I cut out all the little flags individually, mostly using scrapbook paper but I did some out of fabric, stamped on the letters and arranged them on the card using Mod Podge.

Here's what the finished design looked like:

I made 10 cards altogether.  As you can see from the photo below of 9 of them, I tried one with all the flags hanging from one line (see postcard in bottom right corner, shown without additional lettering) but in the end, I decided I liked the staggered version better.  So that one is extra special, because it's one of a kind!

Regardless of the design, I think the message is a good one:  believe in yourself, even if no one else does. 

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Anonymous said...

Love mine, and love seeing 9 together.