Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My First Turkey!

Guess who made her first turkey yesterday?!! Mom had bought two smaller turkeys this year so my sister (who has done the cooking of the birds for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past seven years since my dad died. He did all the cooking for several years prior to that and we still use his recipes) did one and showed me what to do and then I did the second one.  It was a lot easier than I thought (although I was seriously tempted to become a vegetarian a couple of times during the process!), probably because I only had to clean and stuff the bird.  Once it was cooked, my sister made the gravy and we had dinner with friends at their house and they made everything else (potatoes, vegetables, salads, desserts - all awesomely good!).

Here's my sister cleaning her bird:

My bird, stuffed:

Both in the oven:

The end result being carved by Mom, supervised by my sis - delicious!

Another lovely Christmas celebration with family and friends, many thanks to everyone involved!

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