Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today It Begins!

Today is the day we all meet in Estoril, Portugal for the first time. 

If all goes according to (the new) plan, I will have arrived in Portugal around 6 a.m. and made my way to Estoril to spend what I expect will be a quiet day, meeting Margarida, unpacking, catching up on my sleep and recovering from any jetlag after a long flight, getting familiar with the house and the neighbourhood.  I believe most of the other workshop attendees are arriving at various times today, although a few were due to arrive late yesterday.

We are all gathering at 6 p.m. at Art Paradise for a welcome meeting, a light meal and a port wine tasting.  My fellow classmates are coming from all over - some arrive from the U.S. today via Amsterdam or London.  Jane Davenport emailed us recently to say she was spending a few days in Paris before she meets up with us (what a great idea - why didn't I think of that??).  The instructors, Teesha and Tracy Moore, have been spending the past several days in Barcelona, celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary, which is actually today so here's wishing them at least another 29 years of love and laughter together.

Our hostess, Margarida, is going to give us general information about Portugal and our program tonight and then she will be teaching us a tile painting class - here's how she describes it on the website.  Sounds like fun!
Photo from Art Paradise website
of church decorated with tiles

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