Friday, June 10, 2011

Notting Hill

It's been a long week, topped off by a two hour round trip downtown after work tonight to get my hair cut.  Which meant I was tired and ready for an early night, until I realized that the movie Notting Hill was on TV.  Again.  So I'm watching it, even though I've seen it several times before, because that makes it the perfect movie to watch on a night when you're tired and just looking to be mindlessly entertained. I'm just letting it wash over me and enjoying the humour.  I love all the characters but the antics of the flatmate Spike are especially funny, he really steals the show in every scene he is in.

Whenever the movie is on, even if I don't intend to watch the whole movie, I always try to catch the part where Hugh Grant's character walks down London's Portobello Road as the seasons change while the classic Bill Withers song, "Ain't No Sunshine" plays.  It's my favourite part.  You can watch the video clip of that part of the movie here.

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