Monday, June 13, 2011


I was bidding on another vintage photo album tonight on eBay. I had posted the highest bid, the clock was ticking down the final 60 seconds and just as it got to about 35 seconds to go, suddenly there was a crash behind me. 

One of the cats had apparently tried to jump up into the armoire where my TV sits and knocked over a little Noah's Ark figurine I had sitting there.  I jumped up immediately to make sure there wasn't a cat stuck behind the TV (and/or that the TV wasn't the next item heading for the floor, although it's about 20 years old, it wouldn't be the worst thing if it had to be replaced, other than the cost factor) but of course, whoever it was was long gone, the sound of the figurine clattering off the shelf and crashing onto the rug must have scared him or her away.

Maggie and Katrina have never tried anything like that before, which means it was probably either Beans or Gus.  I'm guessing that a cat who has earned the name Beans is probably the type of cat who might try something like that, but Gus seems to be doing his fair share of exploring their new digs as well.  I can't be 100 percent sure, since I had my back turned at the time and of course, it matters not.  It was a minor accident with only a small amount of injury.  The elephants were knocked clean out of the boat, and one of them had half his ear chopped off. Luckily, this tragedy can be easily fixed. A little bit of 3-6000 and the ark and the elephants should be good as new.

I came back to the computer with only 3 seconds left on the bid, only to realize that someone had outbid me by a mere fifty cents.  I hope it was one of my Full Tilt Boogie classmates, it's a beautiful album and the price was quite reasonable.  I'm not too bummed out about it, I really didn't need another book right now if it's not meant to be mine.  I'm sure there will be others, it's not like there are only one or two left in the whole world! ;)


Pretty Things said...

I HATE getting outbid like that. But maybe the cat-astrophe was a sign that there was something not right about the album and it wasn't as good as it was shown?

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Oh, I'm sure it is a lovely album, it just wasn't meant to be mine!