Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tissue Paper Creations

Last week's Creative Art Journal class was focused on the use of tissue paper. First we learned to attach random pieces with a mix of water and plain old white glue - here's an example I made with a picture from a magazine (I don't remember what the ad was for, don't recognize the name Teknion, but isn't it a cool picture, with the telescope and the eye chart and the guy in the bowler hat? Makes me think of that painting in the Thomas Crown Affair. Mmm, Pierce Brosnan, very sexy! Oh, I digress...)

This second picture was made by one of my classmates, Annette and I love it. The original black and white magazine photo was pretty cool on its own but I really like what she did by layering tissue paper over top and adding text - it just enhances the original picture so much.

Then we did some work with leaves that the teacher Toni had collected and brought in. She showed us how we could make lovely patterns by tracing outlines of the leaves and drawing in the veins, as she did in this picture, or cut out the shapes of the leaves in construction paper. Some people traced over the leaf with pencil and paper as we had learned a few weeks ago but the weight of the leaf was so slight that it didn't work as well.

The most important thing I learned last week was not to store my still wet creations in newsprint and then forget about them, because as they dried, the papers stuck together and when I tried to separate them, it left unsightly blotches of newsprint on my design and tore off bits of the tissue paper and the pieces of string I had layered underneath for effect - the end result was not pretty but the lesson was learned!

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