Monday, November 16, 2009

Found Cupboard

I picked up a new piece of furniture last week. I mean, literally, picked it up with a dolly and trundled it on home. I was walking home from the grocery store and came in by the back door of my building, which is where the recycle bins are located. We used to have a dumpster there and even though it is now gone, people still pile all sorts of garbage there, mostly old furniture. I noticed this cupboard and went over to check it out. It needs to be cleaned and re-painted but once that's done, I think it will be great! As you can see, it's quite tall with lots of shelves. I'm sure I can store all sorts of bead and/or art supplies in there! I'm excited about the fact that it is plain white in colour and nothing special on the outside, which means I can colour and decorate it any way I want. At the moment, it's sitting in my kitchen, which may or may not be its final destination. Honestly, people throw away the most amazing treasures!

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