Friday, November 27, 2009

I Am So Not Ready Yet

I was driving home last night and saw a car with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof. What is that all about? For heaven's sake, people, it's still only November! Isn't it too early to be buying trees?? I didn't mind when I saw them putting up this tree back in the second week of November, the festive lights at night are the one thing I don't have a problem with. I do find it harder to get in the mood for Christmas when we're having such mild weather. It's great for putting up Xmas lights on your house and the rest of the outdoor decorations, I'm sure - who wants to be up on a ladder in a freezing cold winter with a bunch of cold wet stuff flying around your face?. But we haven't even had a flake of snow all month, at least not here in the city, which is SO unusual. Because I have a birthday in late November, whenever it snows early in the month and people worry that winter has well and truly arrived, I have always been able to say that it never sticks to the ground before the end of November. This year, I haven't even needed to say that, because we haven't had any snow on the ground whatsoever. We've had a few nights of heavy frost but that's about all. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. If this is global warming, I'm okay with that. Today was the first day for a couple of weeks that actually felt close to wintery cool in the morning. But I'm still not ready to get in the Christmas spirit. I'm going to have to wait until at least December 1st to even think about getting into that groove.

And those radio stations that are already playing Christmas carols 24/7? Are you kidding me???! Puhleeze.

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