Thursday, April 27, 2017

Goose Watch

I've been keeping an eye on the pair of geese that have been setting up a nest beside our parking lot at work over the past couple of weeks.
I took these photos of the female sitting on the nest.
I felt rather sorry for her one day this week, when someone parked their big ass pickup truck over her head.  But then again, maybe she liked the shelter?  I hope it didn't scare her too much when he started up the engine to go home that night, that muffler must be quite loud when you're sitting directly underneath it.
The male spends most of his time strutting around the parking lot.
He seems to like getting very close to the black cars.  Perhaps he can see his reflection?  I've seen him pecking at bumpers a few times, perhaps he is picking bugs off them?  I watched him take a drink from this puddle today.  
When I left work tonight, there was no sign of either goose, which was unusual. The nest was uncovered and I didn't see any eggs.

This article says the mother goose doesn't add feathers until after the second egg is laid, which makes me worry that something has happened.  I hope a predator hasn't eaten the eggs or that someone associated with the building next door, on whose property the nest is located, hasn't chased them off. It would be sad if that happened.  I know they're a nuisance - they've been pooping everywhere and they can be quite ferocious and territorial, especially once the nest is established, but's only for a few weeks and then they'll be gone.

You can be sure I'll be checking first thing tomorrow to see if momma goose has returned to the nest.  I hope she will.

Day 24/100 - #100dayproject

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