Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aberfoyle Acquisitions

Most of what I bought at the Aberfoyle antique show on the weekend was made of paper.  Some old books, an assortment of postage stamps from around the world (they were selling 200 for $1, of course I had to get several packages), half of an autograph book (missing the back cover):

The back cover and some of the pages are missing but it's filled with beautifully written autographs such as this:

I got this lovely old recipe book for only $10. 

It is only partially filled and most of the recipes seems to be for cakes, although there is one for liniment and one for "good table beer" (the ingredients for which include "1 hogshead of water, 1 1/2 bushels of malt and 2 lbs of malt"!!) I wasn't sure how old the book was but there is a recipe from a newspaper dated 1903, so it must be at least that old.  I love the handwriting!

I bought 10 scrapbooks from someone's collection, half of which are small composition books and the other half are larger scrapbooks.  They are filled with newspaper articles from the 1950's to the 1990's on various topics.

From the same vendor, I bought a number of little bits and pieces, like these bank books and receipts.

Everything was beautifully packaged with a cardboard backing and plastic covering and labels identifying the contents.  So organized!

I also picked up 2 vintage photo albums, one empty celluloid type:

and in poor condition inside (but perfect for taking apart and making into a journal!)

and the other one decorated with ducks (don't you wonder why?):

and full of delightful photos such as these:

Doesn't this baby's face just make you laugh out loud?

All in all, a wonderful selection of ephemera was brought home by yours truly!

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