Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aberfoyle Abstentions

Here are a few of the treasures that were available at the Aberfoyle antique show last weekend that I didn't come home with:

This exquisite little photo album:

The dealer actually had two of these and they were amazing but at $195 each, they were definitely out of my price range!

Any of this vintage clothing which, alas, just wouldn't have fit me (although I was strongly tempted by the black silk muff you can see hanging on the coat rack on the right hand side):

This rather frightening family portrait, which no doubt would have given me and the cats nightmares if I had hung it on my wall:

This vintage metal swing, only because I don't have a porch on which to place it (and yes, I would have had to have the doll to go with it!):

This picture of the Statue of Liberty which I quite liked but didn't think I needed:

This fascinating collection of drawers:

which must have come from an apothecary of some sort or, as my antiquing accomplice Colleen suggested, the set of a Harry Potter movie.  The drawers were labelled with names such as garlic, mandrake and hemlock! (click on photo to enlarge)

And these Star Trek: The Next Generation dolls, which I am still regretting not getting.  If only to use them as photo props, as my friend Kate McKinnon does.  Ah well, next time!

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kate mckinnon said...

The SECOND I saw the TNG action figures my pulse accelerated!

I even broke my no-Blogger and no-Captcha code rules to make that comment, painful as it is. We'll see how many tries it take me to get through the gate and post this.

(Second Captcha try now....)