Monday, December 7, 2015

My Book of Hours

I had a busy few days last week and didn't have time to blog. I wrote a post on Saturday and forgot to push the "publish" button.  Then when I went to write a post last night, Blogger was having issues. But finally, here I am, and I've got lots to write about!

First off, I want to share about the Book of Hours Workshop taught by Rozanne Lopez that I took last Wednesday night.  Since then, I've been writing in my Book of Hours journal every day, usually at night just before I go to bed. I'm finding it a really good way to slow down and settle my mind before sleep, especially this month, when things get so crazy busy with the holiday season.

This is the first page I made, during the workshop.
Here are a few of the pages I have done since then.
We also received an amazing kit at the workshop, with all sorts of goodies provided by Rowena of Paperpluscloth (check her out on Instagram and Etsy, her website is closed at the moment).  There were rolls of washi tape, scrapbook paper, the Moleskin journal we are using, tags, a pen to write with and all sorts little bits and pieces to use for embellishment.
If you'd like to see more, Rozanne has been posting her beautiful pages and telling the stories that go with them, you can read about them here.  Maybe some days, I'll have stories to go with my pages too! For now, I am enjoying the simplicity of these pages and finding inspiration and comfort in the words of others.