Monday, March 23, 2015


Longtime readers will have noticed that I have been mostly absent from this blog for a while now. I've been travelling and grieving and experiencing technology issues and just busy doing other things, all of which add up to not enough time to spend at the computer.  I shall attempt to remedy the situation over the next little while and for those of you who are still checking in to read what I write, thank you for your patience.

As of early evening yesterday, I am home from a trip to Mexico City.  I feel a bit like these Canada geese I saw out my window at work today:
I heard them honking and watched them nip at each other and move about on the roof, as if they were talking back and forth while surveying their surroundings, discovering that while they were still somewhat familiar, they were also changed since the last time they were here.

I suspect they may have been the same pair who built a nest on the neighbouring property last year, as I wrote about here and here.  Then again, there were three of them today - one on the ground of the parking lot next door, very near where the nest was built last year.
(apologies for the lack of a closeup, I find my iPhone isn't that great for taking pictures of things far away.) Perhaps one of their kids returned with them?  Or perhaps the one on the ground was one of the parents, deciding whether to build there again?

I am feeling the same way, being back at work today.  Things are familiar but changed.  It will take me a few or several days to read through all the emails that accumulated and clear off the piles of files that have collected in my absence, to sort out what happened while I was gone.
It also feels like changes have occurred within me that I can't yet identify.  The events of the past few weeks and months will take some time to absorb and process.  I'll be watching to see what develops, just like I'll be watching out my window to see what those geese will do next.

Stay tuned!

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