Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canadian Bead Oasis - Toronto - Fall 2008

I helped out at the Toronto Bead Society booth yesterday, at the Bead Oasis show. Here's a picture of me standing beside some of the jewellery donated for display by various TBS members - all of whom are incredibly talented.

If you have never been to this show, it's a pretty cool place to check out a lot of bead suppliers in one place. It was pretty overwhelming the first time I went, last year, as there was so much to look at and I really didn't know much about beading to make sense of it all. I'm a little more experienced now, so I went prepared with a list because of course, I went early so I could do a little shopping before my volunteer time slot, and I was pretty good about sticking to my budget. Well, almost. ;)

I enjoyed working at the TBS table. I ran into some old friends and met some new ones, and I might have even convinced one or two people to join (go for it, Michelle!). I hope so. It's a great place to hang out with fellow beaders, learn new techniques and be inspired by the sheer creativity and uniqueness we humans are capable of.

Afterwards, I went for a bite to eat with the Dixon Chick and we got to talking about bead crochet necklaces and whether or not a focal bead could be woven into the centre of the design, rather than suspended separately.
I was quite inspired by both our conversation and all the lovely beads I'd seen, and got to work as soon as I got home. The result is the necklace shown pictured in this post, which I call "Love by the Lake" (because I was watching the movie "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves while I was crocheting). I love the colours, the deep blues and green. Perhaps more of an ocean focus than a lake, but I'm using a bit of artistic licence here.


The Dixon Chick said...

WOWZA!!!! I love your new necklace! The focal bead looks awesome like that. Do tell - how did you do it?

Congrats on the blog - it's a great start! Keep it up!

kate mckinnon said...

How nice to see you blogging!