Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beading Lesson No. 14: Cats and Beads Do Not Mix

But you can't tell the cats that! They want to help. They think it's a game, and they can't wait to play. As soon as you spread your beading paraphernalia out on the table, they are right there, checking everything out - "Let's see how this bead tastes!", "ooh, this piece of jewellery wire makes a great toy!", "Look what happens when I bat this with my paw!"

And my personal favourite? The way my cat Max will sit patiently as I string beads and just when I hold it up to see how the piece looks, quick as lightning, his paw sweeps out and grabs the wire, sending beads flying in all directions. Oh, what fun!

Beading tip #23: Try to listen where the beads roll to, rather than watch them land. It sometimes makes it easier to find them on the floor.

Here's a photo of my other cat, Carly, all tuckered out after a busy beading session.

I know, isn't she cute?? :)

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The Dixon Chick said...

I think my Frankie needs to meet your Max and Carly to form a support group CWOWB - Cats With Owners Whe Bead.