Saturday, May 30, 2009

Greetings from Milwaukee

By the time you read this, thanks to the miracle of the Internet and the ability to schedule in advance when posts will appear on my blog, I will already be in Milwaukee, preparing to attend the Bead & Button show.

My beading friend Colleen and I will have flown there from Toronto and will there be reunited with our buddy Heather, whom we met in January in Puerto Vallarta. Our other PV pal, Stefanie, will also be joining us but she doesn't arrive until next week, on Wednesday.

The three of us will do a little exploring of the city today, see what we can see. We're also going to do a little grocery shopping as we have fridges in our rooms and hope to save a little money by eating some meals there, especially breakfast, thus saving our hard earned dollars to spend on BEADS!!!

All I know about Milwaukee is that it is a brewery town and it's the home of the Fonz. Presumably there is more to it than that, and we've got a week to find out!

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Sharon said...

Hi Cynthia. Oh it sounds delightful. Have a wonderful time my Friend. Buy, buy, buy! S