Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama In Ottawa

Mr. President travelled to the capital of Canada today for a quick, six hour visit - his first foreign visit since taking office in January (hey, who are they calling foreign??)

We've been hearing lots of details about the visit for the past few days - the snow, the special car (nicknamed "the Beast") and the special gas they brought with them to fuel it (talk about protectionism!), the politicians jockeying for face time (who got the longer visit, the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition??), his family in Burlington, the CBC interview with Peter Mansbridge, etc.

Apparently, Obama headed over to the Byward Market and did a little shopping before it was time for wheels up on Air Force One. Now, as anyone who's ever been to Ottawa can tell you, they have the shop with the best beaver tails in the Byward Market - I'm sure that's really where he was headed. Those pastry confections are the best!!

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