Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October 2016

Hello out there in Blogland!  I woke up this rainy Saturday morning with the following agenda:

1.  Start drawing for Inktober (done - more about that in my next post);

2.  Make at least one card for World Card Making Day, which is today (check);
3.  Finish unpacking my suitcases from my trip to Spain (okay, I'm still working on this one! I've been home for a week and the clothes are unpacked, laundered and put away but the art supplies and various bits and pieces are still lingering in the cases, waiting to be dealt with);

4.  Watch the Blue Jays play baseball and hopefully secure themselves a wildcard spot (ongoing, although things are looking rather gloomy in that regard.  Still, I'm keeping the faith!); and

5.  Resuscitate this long neglected blog (check). Yes, it has been almost six months since I posted here.  Mostly due to the fact that I just can't be bothered to turn on my laptop when I get home from work.  However, I'm hoping to post a little more regularly in the foreseeable future!

Stay tuned.

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