Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scenes From A Ball Game

You might be wondering what it will be like today at Toronto's Skydome (now known as the Rogers Centre), when the Blue Jays meet the Texas Rangers for the fifth and final game of the American League Division Championship.  My sister and I were lucky enough to get tickets to last Friday's Game 2 of the series (or should I say, my sister was lucky to get the tickets, I was lucky that she chose to take me with her!).  Here are some images from that game:

There is always lots going on outside the ball park as you arrive - vendors selling t-shirts and hotdogs, people collecting money for charities and even musicians performing.
We could feel the excitement in the air, just like it was back in 1992, when the Jays made it into (and won) the World Series for the first time in franchise  history.
Our seats were right above the bull pen and we watched Marcus Stroman warm up.
He'll be pitching again today, hopefully for the win.  There may the occasional conference on the mound, to discuss strategy or where they're going after the game.
Hopefully there will be lots of strikeouts.
The roof will be closed but that's probably just to protect people in the neighbouring condos from all the noise being generated inside.
Fans sitting in the foul ball areas will, like my sister, be ready with their gloves to catch any stray balls.
The stands will be a sea of white and blue as they wave the rally rags that are given out at the gates as you arrive.
There will also be some fans dressed in costume.
Like these two people, ready for the "rainmaker" Josh Donaldson to hit another home run.
I'm sure they won't be disappointed.
The grounds crew will be out during the 6th inning to tidy up, assisted by the mascot, B.J. Birdie.
He's a busy bird. He'll be out to wave the flag as well!
Let's go, Blue Jays, we're in it to win it!

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