Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Traditions

Last night was the December meeting of our art journaling group, the Journal Junkies, at Bizzy B. We always celebrate the holiday season with a potluck and even though there were only 8 of us in attendance, the food selections were delicious and no one went home hungry.

The main theme for our journal pages was "holiday traditions".  The optional product was glitter (very appropriate for the season!)

Bette's page was a three dimensional delight. She collected a number of items representing different aspects of the holidays that she enjoys and combined various textures and art supplies on her finished page, included a type of Mod Podge infused with glitter for her background.
 Marissa's page featured her nine year old son's letter to Santa.  He very considerately asked if Santa would like 3 types of milk to drink and wondered if he had a pet polar bear.  Too cute!
Donna focused on one of her favourite traditions, the use of Christmas crackers on the holiday table. We were all surprised to hear about the origin of this festive table dressing.
Heather's page was based on her love for making gingerbread houses this time of year.  I love the pretzel detail across the horizon!
Alex went with the alternate theme, which was "chocolate". She referenced a story which recently appeared in the news, warning of a possible cocoa shortage in 2015.  The horror!
Marilyn advised that she wasn't in the mood for a traditional Xmas theme so she created an angel using a steampunk motif.  It's fabulous, don't you think?
Sadly, I didn't have time to make a page this time around but I do have an idea in mind that I hope to be able to bring to life on the page some time soon, so stay tuned!

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