Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday in Paris

Thursday in Paris was such a stellar day, I took a grand total 515 photos, the most of any single day during the whole of our two weeks in France!!  I can't possible share them all with you here, so you'll have to settle for just the highlights:

Morning - two hour guided walk of the St. Germain-des-Pres area on the Left Bank with Paris Walks, including the beautiful interior and exterior of St. Sulpice church (made famous in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, much to their chagrin):

following in Hemingway's footsteps:

Lunch - at a Mexican restaurant - yet another delicious meal!

Afternoon - a walk along the Seine

Late afternoon - at long last, the Eiffel Tower, up close and beautiful!

Early evening - a brief visit to the Louvre for a meet up with Marie Christine from the Paris Urban Sketchers group and a wee bit of sketching outside.

I did sketch a bit but did a lot more people watching, there was a lot going on!

I'll post more photos from this day in the future, there are several worth sharing!

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