Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Picnic Pics

A few more photos from our annual family summer picnic.  Or should that be annual summer family picnic?  Hmm....  Anyhow, here are some photos of my other cousins, the parents and grandparents of the cutie patooties I blogged about yesterday.

Byron and Sandy, the hosts for the day, have been busy building a new deck on the front of their cottage.  Just before lunch, we took some time to stand about and admire their handiwork:

After lunch, Gabby washed all the lunch dishes in the kiddie pool:

(just kidding!  These are actually play dishes for the kids - yup, vintage Melmac!!)

There was a craft area set up for the kids as well.  Isla decided she'd get a better perspective standing up.

Have you seen these things? I forget what they are called, they look like a magic carpet except they float on the water.  Uncle Will was kept busy throwing the little ones off of it, which they loved!

The rest of us sat on the shore and watched the fun.

Here's Karen taking photos with her biggg Nikon while Catherine looks on.

Robyn and Bunny posed for me.

as did Barb and Sandy.

Here's Catherine, Janine and Robyn:

Maks was happiest when his mom Wendy was close by.

Connor decided he didn't want anything to do with those frogs his cousins had caught and daddy Maurizio kept him safe.

Mom Stacey and Grandpa Gary helped her kids play in the hammock.

As is our custom, we lined up for the annual family photo.  While Byron was busy fussing with his Nikon on the tripod, I snapped a couple of quick photos.
Isla (2nd from left) is holding her cheek because
Tyler (far left) just kissed her there!
I caught my mom peeking in this photo:

I almost like these photos better, as you get some interesting things going on when everyone isn't quite ready to pose for the camera!

As we do every year, a great time was had by all!  Those who couldn't make it were missed but hopefully, we'll see them at the Christmas gathering, which will no doubt be here before we know it!

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