Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hacienda Wildlife

In addition to the incredibly adorable Stella (how cute is that Pebbles Flintstone pony tail???), one of the fun things we discovered about the Hacienda Mosaico was its iguana inhabitants. Every day around lunch time, an iguana would make it's way along the property wall and climb up to the highest vantage point on the neighbour's roof and keep an eye on us. I named him Chester, Kate called him Mr. Teeth. I'm not sure where he spent the rest of his time but I am convinced he came out just to have a look at us, and that he enjoyed basking in our admiration as we oohed and aahed over him and ran to get our cameras to take his photo. He seemed quite large to me but we were told he is rather small compared to some of the specimens they grow down there.

Here's a picture of him making his way across the wall, across the pieces of glass that are imbedded in the top of the wall (for show, rather than as a security measure):

A couple of days before the end of our stay, Lalo (the chef) informed me that there was a second iguana - I called him Charlie. He made fewer appearances and was harder to spot, as he was quite different in colour than Chester, a dark charcoal gray compared to Chester's golden hues, and he was much smaller in size. He also seemed to be a bit shy and not as willing to sit out in the open. I'm not sure if iguanas are territorial but clearly Chester was the headline performer for this particular duo.

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