Tuesday, April 1, 2014

National Letter Writing Month 2014

Hello April!  This month is National Letter Writing Month in the U.S. and once again I am participating in a letter writing group organized by Lindsay Ostrom (who also drew that cute logo above, colouring added by Lilli Ahmadpour, used with permission).

The idea of the group is that each of us is paired up with a penpal and asked to write one letter to them sometime during the month.  It is also suggested (but not required) that you write back to anyone who writes to you.  Some people (like Lindsay) write to absolutely everyone in the group.  This year is the biggest group ever, there are 138 women and one male in the group - that's a lot of letterwriting!

I mailed a number of cards and letters last Friday in an effort to save a little cash, as Canada Post raised its rates yesterday from 63 cents to 85 cents for a domestic letter, from $1.10 to $1.20 for letters going to the U.S. (where the majority of my fellow NLWM members live) and from $1.80 to $2.50 for international letters.  It usually takes a week for mail to get from here to anywhere in the States, so I'm not too worried that anything arrived there before NLWM started.

I received my first piece of NLWM 2014 mail from Lindsay last week - a very cute hand-drawn postcard to say hello and tell me the name of my new penpal.

As it happens, I already received my first piece of mail from this year's penpal, Christine, who lives in Alberta, Canada.  Her letter arrived a few days early and I stuck by the rules and didn't open it until first thing this morning. It wasn't easy to wait, it was a bit like waiting for Christmas morning - oh, the anticipation!  Inside was a lovely letter and some journaling goodies.  Hmm, wonder how she knew I was into art journaling?!
Suzie wanted to check out the goodies!
Looking forward to seeing what arrives in my mailbox this month!

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