Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The World of Anado

On our Tuesday morning in Mexico, we were treated to a visit to the home of Anado McLauchlin and Richard Schultz.  Right from our first glimpse of their house, we knew this was someplace special.

We began taking pictures immediately

Everywhere you looked, there was something new to marvel at, whether it was a Madonna shrine in a bathtub

or a donkey drinking from a (different) bathtub.

Mosaics were everywhere, covering walls and archways, fountains, floors and even the composting outhouse.

This wall was one of my favourites

I loved the bottles were displayed (Richard assured me they did not empty them all themselves!)

but I was especially impressed with the repurposing of these items:

Who knew empty cat food cans could be used so artfully?!

The house where they live is equally colourful and fascinating, both outside

and in.

Apologies for the fuzzy focus on this photo of their kitchen
but you get the idea!

Even their morning glories seemed to bloom in a deeper shade of blue than I have ever seen before!

And then there was his studio, a dream come true for someone like me who collects little bits and pieces of this and that and wonders how to store everything:

All in all, it was quite a magical place to visit.  I hope to have a chance to go back there some day!

P.S.  If you like what you've seen in these photos, click on Anado's name at the top of this blog -  you really need to check out his cool website!

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lulu moonwood murakami said...

Love your post, Cynthia! I went photo crazy there, too. I would so want to live there!