Friday, September 21, 2012

Dying for Dylusions

Tonight was the first class in a weekend of fun with Dina Wakley at Bizzy B.  We made the cutest little journal book from just one piece of paper:

And there were extra tags left over.

Considering that we all started with a very clean slate, the fabulous colours of the finished result were such a treat for the eye.

Here's my buddy Annette, whom I was pleasantly surprised to see tonight after a year or two since we last took a class together, showing what was to become the cover of her journal.

Here are some of my classmates hard at work. That's Dina on the right hand side in the paint covered apron, supervising our efforts (I'll get a better photo of her tomorrow).  She's a great teacher - very easygoing and encouraging.  She kept the class moving at the perfect pace to be sure we could all finish our books by the end of class.  Her motto is "done is better than perfect".  I like that!  And she was clever enough to know what to do when I realized about 10 minutes from being done that I had decorated the inside of my book upside down - oops! (surely I'm not the only one to have done that?)

Already my fingers are looking a little crazy and there are still two more days of using the Dylusions inks to come!  Oh well, nobody said making art would be tidy. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Such fun! You know the rest........wish I were there.

Dina said...

Was so fun to art with you for FOUR rocked them all! Hope to see you again soon!